chocolate banana pudding

Our food processor passed away last night. It was a real piece of garbage anyway, $15 and I am ashamed to say where I bought it, 'nuff said? Anyway, the motor just pooped out in the middle of preparing some roasted cherry tomato pasta. Oh so much swearing, I managed to finish the job in the blender but it was not easy. Today Bugsy and I went out to Target and bought a $39.99 black & decker, which looks way schmancier and preforms much better, suction cups on the bottom even keep it from wandering around on the counter during especially tough jobs. I'll see how it goes long term but for now I am happy with my purchase.
I wanted to take it for a spin tonight so I made up this pudding~it is so yummy
1 package silken tofu
1 tbsp maple syrup
1 banana
1 cup melted vegan dark chocolate chips
process until smooth, then pour into 4 little dessert cups. Enjoy!

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